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Before you change your mind, round up those clothes and use this guide to give where it counts!

Clothes in used condition:

H&M, Ann Taylor, Loft, Levi’s and the North Face let shoppers send / bring in clothing, shoes and accessories (any brand) in exchange for discounts on purchases. Donated items are resued or recycled.

Old denim:

The Blue Jeans Go Green Program (purchase prednisone) organizes denim drives with retailers and universities. Old jeans will be reborn as insulation for communities in need. Donators receive a discount to buy a new pair.

Well worn sneaks:

Nike ReUse–A-Shoe Program allows you to bring up to 10 pairs (any label) to a Nike or Converse retail store, or mail them to the recycling facility (where can i purchase prednisone).

Underused formal wear:

Project G.L.A.M. (purchase prednisone online) distributres bridesmaid dresses / fancy dresses to needy highschoolers. buy prednisone online cheap puts wedding gowns into the hands of military brides.

Old eyeglasses:

New Eyes for the Needy (buy prednisone for dogs) will take used specs and give to children and adults in developing nations.

Luxury or vintage fashion:

Check out buy prednisone. Clothes in new or gently used condition are accepted. Buyers browse the member’s closets in the app. If you want to donate, snap photos on your phone, identify one as your covershot, write a description and set the price. All items must be sent with a prepaid U.S. Postal Serrvice USPS Shipping label. You must also supply the box. You get 80% on sales of $15 or more; under $15, the company takes a $2.95 commission.

*Happy Donating*

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I love exfoliating body scrubs. I have tried many brands and have to say the simple DIY recipe my cousin Jennifer Ross Hofrichter gave me is amazing.

3 ingredients, great exfoliation and you choose the scent – easy, inexpensive and useful.

Easy DIY Body Scrub Recipe


  1. White Sugar
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Essential Oil (she  used lemon, I used my orange oil from Marrakesh – but use whatever you prefer)

Lather up and enjoy!

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I have no eyebrows. They are shapeless, thin, and downright ugly. I would spend money on shaping, tweezing, waxing, threading, but nothing ever seemed to work. The only time they would look decent is when I would get them professionally done by a make-up artist, and honestly, who has the time to do that everyday? Also, there are so many bells and whistles involved! I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler let alone try and outline an eyebrow.

I was in an eyebrow funk until my dear friend, Lorin Carlino informed me about 3-D eyebrow embroidery. I immediately conjured up images of needles, patchwork and 3-D glasses and couldn’t grasp what this was.

Eyebrow embroidery is also known as cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, pigment embroidery, 3-D eyebrow embroidery, or micro-blading. It’s very common in Malaysia and Singapore and has slowly been gaining traction in the U.S. Semi-permanent pigment is pushed into the surface of the skin with a fine blade to mimic the growth/look of existing hair and create natural looking brows based on your preference. The technician draws in your dream brow prior to the procedure to ensure the shape/style the customer desires.

Lorin sold me on this and I made an appointment at Tina Lee Skin Care in Chinatown. This is NOT a fancy spa. It’s tucked inside the Hair Le Pell Salon in New York City’s Chinatown (18 Pell St / 212-966-8740)

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The procedure is simple:

  • Recline in a chair while Tina fills in your brows to your liking.
  • She applies numbing crème and within 3-5 minutes begins filling them in with the little blade and ink.
  • Pain: I have a high tolerance for pain so it didn’t bother me. It literally felt like someone taking a hairbrush and twisting out knots from your hair. It was uncomfortable. I’ve had friends who cried (yikes). It’s very dependent on each person. BUT regardless, it’s a 10-30 minute procedure depending on how much you have to fill in AND it’s totally worth it (ever hear Pain = Beauty) because once it’s complete and you see how perfect your brows are, you will forget any discomfort you had.
  • Recovery: Again this is dependent on the person. Tina gives you an herbal topical solution to use the next 10 days. It moisturizes and seals in the semi-permanent ink. It has a very herbaceous smell. I use it at night before bed. I had no down time. Some people may experience redness for a day. Your brow area will be tender for a few hours after. That’s about it.
  • Maintenance: this lovely procedure lasts up to a year. Tina suggests clients return within 3 months of original application to fill in any spots. Most clients go for a year/year and a half before starting over again.

This has truly been one of the best beauty investments I ever made.




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I absolutely love business and self-help books. A good friend, Daniel Udell, recommended Richard Branson’s  The Virgin Way. order prednisone for dogs online

is it safe to order prednisone online

I opened it and couldn’t put it down. His story, writing and advise is spot on. The major themes are to Listen, Learn, Laugh, Lead all while doing what you love and making other people’s life better. Perfect motivation for the new year. Happy Reading!


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No matter what I do, or how refined I try to be, I am a hot mess and always manage to get a stain on myself. I absolutely love wearing white but that is always a fashion risk for me. I carry my tide pen and have my dry cleaners on stand-by.

When I came across this nifty stain article, I figured I’d share the knowledge. It’s proven incredibly helpful!

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