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It’s been almost half a year since I’ve posted. So naturally, what do I write about? FOOD! The love for all forms of consumption continues, but I have learned there needs to be a balance.

In an effort to find delicious recipes that are easy to make, I came across a great site: purchase prednisone

Not only does the site address diet + nutrition / recipes, it includes beauty, fitness and pain relief advise. It’s a great resource.

Back to the food…. Here are 8 delicious, unique, where can i purchase prednisone that will be a hit at any social function! I just made the pineapple and ginger pavlova. It certainly satisfied my sweet tooth!

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Enjoy and #stayinspired!

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These meals get me through the gloomy winter season! I usually have 2 crock pots going at a time every Sunday to prep for the week.

New Leaf Wellness made a list of Paleo-friendly crockpot recipes that are:

▪ Freezer-friendly (they can last up to 3 months)
▪ Dairy-free
▪ Grain-free and gluten-free
▪ Soy-free
▪ Sugar-free (with the exception of honey)
▪ Free of processed foods (except canned tomatoes)

Here’s the link, and list – enjoy and #stayinspired. Steve Skladany, I dedicate this post to you!

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1. Chicken Tortilla-Less Soup from Paleo Hacks
2. Beef and Sweet Potato Chili from One Lovely Life
3. Pot Roast with Carrots (YUM)
4. Italian Pork Roast
5. Garlic Honey Chicken with Peppers and Zucchini from Paleo Parents
6. Pineapple Salsa Verde Chicken from Mangia Paleo
7. Banana Pepper Shredded Beef
8. Hungarian Beef Stew from Perchance to Cook
9. Beef Picadillo from Rubies and Radishes
10. Seafood Boil
11. Roasted Pumpkin Coconut Soup from PaleoPot
12. Cool Ranch Shredded Chicken
13. BBQ Ribs from Ditch the Wheat
14. Pulled Pork Chili from PaleOMG
15. Stuffed Peppers
16. Hawaiian Pork Burrito Bowls from With Salt and Wit
17. Chicken Fajitas (serve on a salad instead of tortillas)
18. Chicken Vegetable Soup from Multiply Delicious
19. Paleo Mississippi Roast from Plaid & Paleo
20. Green Chile Chicken and Lime Soup from My Paleo Crockpot
21. Garlic-Mint Pork Loin
22. Simple Chicken from Paleo Leap
23. Chicken Curry (our fave! substitute cauliflower for peas)
24. Beef Fajitas
25. Beef or Turkey Chili from Paleo Newbie
26. Italian Chicken from my ALDI freezer prep session
27. Spaghetti Squash with Marinara Sauce from my October healthy crockpot post (add homemade meatballs for extra protein)
28. Beef Stew from Once a Month Meals
29. Chicken Soup with Mexican Seasonings
30. Apple Pork Tenderloin from Clean Eatz
31. Jalapeno Popper Chicken and Beef Chili from Skinnytaste

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This post is dedicated to Renee Iselin, my Ramen partner in crime, and Sats Gawa, a world-renowned ramen expert hailing from Japan – he knows the real deal!

It’s in my blood. I love soup, and I especially love Ramen. For me, it’s the ultimate comfort food. I have sampled some amazing ramen throughout Manhattan and wanted to share my favorites.

buy prednisone canada: The soup base has integrity. Pork bones are simmered in a special pot called a zundo (hence the name) for twenty hours, creating a thick, creamy liquid. To ensure the results are as close as possible to the broth found in Japan, the team “softens” the water using a closely guarded technique. The blend incorporates some dried fish into the sweet and salty mix, adding more umami flavor than most compounds have.

buy prednisone for cats online: In 2008, this was the place that made me fall in love with Ramen. It’s authentic Hakata tonkotsu pork soup. You cannot go wrong. Expect a wait.

order prednisone overnight: I stumbled upon this gem when my girlfriends and I wanted to try premium Japanese and American beef. The selections are delicately prepared and served raw to be grilled right at your table (yakiniku). Note: they serve a variety of very decadent meats (raw liver and flash-boiled achilles tendon). I discovered through my friend Simon Kim, owner of order prednisone restaurant which happens to be down the street (more on his place later!) that Takashi served a LATE NIGHT BEEF BROTH RAMEN!!!! Pure ramen heaven. Here’s the info!

Mei Jin Ramen: Hip Japanese place for ramen & izakaya-style small plates with an adjoining cocktail & dessert bar. The chicken spicy miso ramen and curry beef ramen are exhilerating.

mail order prednisone: You simply cannot go wrong with any of the ramen varieties. The assortment of additional toppings is ridiculous, and they even serve ‘specialty’ ramen. Be experimental and play with your noodles!

order prednisone for dogs online: The Tonkotsu Ramen is a rich creamy pork bone soup with thin long noodles. Tonkotsu, which means pork bone, usually has a cloudy white colored broth. because it’s made from boiling pork bones, fat, and collagen over high heat for many hours. The result is a hearty pork flavor and a creamy consistency that rivals milk, melted butter or gravy. The ramen is hearty and delicious.

is it safe to order prednisone online: The ingredients are carefully selected and there is a lot of care that goes into these slurp worthy noodles. One of the owners ramen restaurant in Japan, Bigiya, was listed on Michelin Tokyo in 2015. It was the first year for Michelin Tokyo to list a ramen restaurant and there are 5000 in Japan. It’s worth a trip here.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list as more ramen joints open up, but for now, these are my staples. Enjoy – slurp up and #stayinspired.

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As a Jersey City, NJ resident, many friends ask me about places to go. After doing some research, I found an amazing site, Jersey City Upfront, that already posted on this! Here’s their list! Edward Bechold, this one is for you!

#stayinspired and enjoy!

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I continue to work on the balance between being social and healthy. New York restaurant options are endless, my love of food and drink can be obsessive and I truly enjoy going out with friends/family to experience new cuisines/dishes/cocktails.

I know the extremes of being 100% healthy – no carbs, no dairy, no sugar, no booze, etc. I also know the other side of this pendulum – just go after it… and then I feel awful. I have struggled to find that middle ground. Experts say that 80% of the fitness and health battle is your diet.

Enter Lara Shriftman – a PR icon/influencer, mentor and friend. In LA, she introduced me to Real Food Daily. I couldn’t believe how tasty, satisfying and healthy the food was. I returned to NY on a mission to find and try as many ‘healthy’ NY restaurants as possible. After 2 years, here is my top 20 list – enjoy and #stayinspired

  • prednisone for dogs buy online uk: The original location is in Columbus Circle. A Flatiron one just opened! Every item on the menu is backed by a nutrient score (think vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and good fatty acids). I am all over the Lemon Chicken, Moroccan Tofu and Steak and Veggies Hot Dishes. The soups are also outstanding. Shout out to Yao-Hsuan Huang for introducing me to this place!


  • can you buy prednisone in canada: Paleo at it’s best. It’s a casual, clean eatery with a changing seasonal menu. The organic pot pie at the bowl station is outstanding and if you like desserts, all of their paleo-approved versions could fool you. They also have the best crack coffee – fuel for the day!  Shout out to Lorin Carlino for introducing me to this place! 


  • buy prednisone canada online: I will admit, I was skeptical. How could luxe vegetarian be that good? Well, it is! Dinner reservations are strongly recommended. The tandoor bread appetizer was sensational. So many flavor profiles going on. On the lighter side, the heirloom tomatoes were outstanding, and the cauliflower tempura, charred brussels sprouts and tofu-skin pockets rounded out the bolder portion of the meal nicely. Jonathan Libutti, thanks for taking a chance with me on this place!


  • where can i buy prednisone for dogs: With an extensive wine list and a Michelin-star, the nutrient packed food is sublime and guilt-free. The pumpkin hummus and anchovy are power-packed snacks. The carrot soup and cauliflower under small plates are stand outs. The cod, venison and chicken are exceptional pieces of protein. I love pear, and they have a roasted pear dessert which is sinfully good! Orit, you got me hooked on the original! 


  • buy prednisone for dogs online uk: Three quarters of the ingredients are sourced directly from the restaurant’s farm in North Salem, New York. True to it’s name, the seafood is superb marrying spicy flavors to mix things up. The surf and turf offerings are my favorite.
  • buy prednisone for dogs online: This was one of my earlier introductions to healthy restaurants. Lie to me! Buffalo risotto croquettes, a cheeseburger, southern seiten sandwich, lasagna, moroccan tagine. It covered all my culinary favorites! Brey and Keyla Pena, thank you for this intro. We even got Keith to eat it!


  • can i buy prednisone at walmart: If you love the Blossom empire, this is the more rocking sister. DJ’s play from brunch to dinner to keep the atmosphere lively. All the small dishes are unbelievable, but given my love for comfort food, I adore the baked mac n cheese. As for the large plates, how can you go wrong with a BLT, seitan and gravy steak and chick-un and waffles? I didn’t have room for desert but will try next time!


  • buy prednisone online australia: There are various locations in New York. Their goal is to build a community through food. It’s a no frills, shared table style, nurturing setting for a casual and healthy meal.


  • where can i buy prednisolone for dogs in uk: I have tried to get into  juices but failed miserably. I never feel full or satisfied. Instead of viewing them as a meal, I now use them as the ‘snack’ portion of my day’s consumption. Juice Generation has an awesome charcoal juice that I find very cleansing. Thank you Dennis Pena for this recommendation.
  • buy prednisolone 5mg for dogs in uk: There are also multiple locations in NY. Where do I begin? For casual dining with a cozy restaurant feel, this is one of my favorites. I have been here so many times I should open my own in Jersey City! The entire menu is magnifcent. From classic comfort foods, to simply prepared dishes, to the most amazing vegetable assortment! This menu could work for anyone. There are not enough good things to say. Trish Mannion, this was one of the best dinner spots you ever recommended! I am addicted. 
  • where can i buy prednisolone tablets for dogs in the uk: Seared octopus and truffled Jerusalem artichokes and burrata is a must to start. Their call out entree is the mustard crusted rack of lamb. As for veggies, you cannot go wrong with the Za’Atar spiced califlower steak and roasted carrots. Debbie Carlino, this was a gem of a find!


  • best place to buy prednisone: Seasonal and local focused and located in the West Village, the simple ingredients in each dish simply stand out in their purest forms. All of the fishes are exceptional good, and the chickpea spaghetti was a pleasant surprise.


  • Souen: Japanese macrobiotic food at it’s best, and one of the oldest ‘healthy’ restaurants in NY.  I love all the soups and noodle entrees (Pad Thai!), but the seafood dishes are fantastic, too.
  • can you buy prednisone over the counter in canada: This was my first vegetarian restaurant thanks to Tricia Kosnik Purdy. I was craving Chili’s buffalo wings and she suggested I try this place. All I thought was ‘Is she crazy? It’s vegetarian. There is NO way it could taste like a chicken wing.’ I take it all back. The bamboo nuggets, bbq wings and chicken parm could totally fool me. I love this place! It’s tiny and in a basement practically, but totally worth it.


  • can you buy prednisone over the counter: Outside of Hillstone (can I consider that healthy – what do you think John Santos and Trish Mannion?!), the veggie burger is outstanding. Like, crave worthy! I went 2 days in row cause I couldn’t get enough. It’s like a little natural food mecca in Greenwich Village.
  • can you buy prednisone in mexico: Another oldie but goodie. Serving since the 1970’s, this place has been an establishment for many. Simple preparations but a whole lot of variation and no frills atsmphere makes this place a great spot for a pre-post workout meal. Honestly, I love the entire menu and am working on trying everything.
  • can you buy prednisone over the counter in mexico: Thanks again to Brey and Keyla Pena my two favorite vegan friends. This was one of the greatest finds this year. Latin vegan food – who knew? Again, we even got Keith to eat it! I didn’t know where to start with the menu. Nachos, avocado fries, buffalo strips, quesadillas – it can’t get better!
  • can i buy prednisone in mexico: Lorin Carlino, we might have given up our Soul Cycle once a week dates, BUT we always find new, healthy places to catch up. This was also recommended by the lovely Natalie Weeks – thank you! Love the grab and go option. The burger is delicious along with the air baked fries. And to add to that comfort, throw in the mac n’ cheese alongside the kale artichoke dip!


So there are all my tried and true recommendations for healthy places in NY! As we go into the holiday season and need places to eat & celebrate, I hope these are helpful!

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I have discovered many people are confused by the different temperature options when cooking steak. Here is a handy guide that visually shows what each one looks like! Enjoy 🙂 #stayinspired.

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can i buy prednisone over the counter in spain

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

My friend Tricia Kosnik texted this recipe over the weekend by way of the can you buy prednisone over the counter in greece website. Brace yourself: A MEXICAN rendition of the classic Matzoh Ball Soup. 

buy prednisone cheap

The flavors. The comfort. The heat 🙂 *Happy New Year* Enjoy!

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where can i buy prednisone for my cat

I am in love with my crock pots (yes, I have more than one and they have all been known to be cooking at once!). I’ve used this nifty little cooking tool for years. It’s easy, efficient and creates some damn good meals.

I came across a site called New Leaf Wellness while I was researching crockpot recipes. Voila! 31 Gluten & Dairy Free Crockpot Freezer Meals!

where can i buy prednisone online

The meals are combined in gallon sized plastic bags that you can freeze. Once you’re ready to cook them, pop them in the crock pot and enjoy! It couldn’t be any easier. Along with the delicious recipes, the site even provides the grocery list.

If you are in a pinch for time, or just want to organize your meals better, these recipes are perfect!

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Beyond Meat is truly the future of protein: where do i buy prednisone

Here is their mission statement:

We believe there is a better way to feed the planet. Our mission is to create mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein. We are dedicated to improving human health, positively impacting climate change, conserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare. At Beyond Meat, we want to make the world a better place and we’re starting one delicious meal at a time.

As you all know by now, I love meat! However, I am always open to trying new things and discovering healthy alternatives to my current food repertoire.

The products are 100% plant protein – burgers, chicken, beef meatballs & crumbles. No, they do not taste exactly like meat, but they are close enough. And with protein compatible to actual meat consumption, I would say these are a fantastic alternative to some of our favorite highly caloric foods!

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The recipes are simple and outstanding:buy prednisolone eye drops online

buy prednisone for ferrets

You can find Beyond Meat at Whole Foods and now Walmart! Vegetables never tasted so good.

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Ahhhh, the Super Bowl: Feasting + Football. It’s an unofficial American National Holiday called Super Bowl Sunday, the second largest day for U.S. food consumption (after Thanksgiving!) and has often been the most watched American TV broadcast of the year.

With all this sporting/celebratory decadence how do you maintain any eating discipline?

Voila! Here’s a healthy option for parties recommended by my favorite chef, Swan 🙂 #swanskitchen

Recipe from
Buffalo Cauliflower Bites
buy generic prednisone online
1 head of cauliflower broken up into florets
1 c water
1 c flour
2 t garlic powder
3/4 c Frank’s hot sauce
1 T unsalted butter, melted
1. Preheat oven to 450.
2. Whisk together the water, flour, and garlic powder to create a batter.
3. Coat cauliflower florets in batter.
4. Spray an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet with cooking spray.
5. Place battered cauliflower on cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes.
6. While the cauliflower is baking mix together the hot sauce and butter.
7. Brush or pour the hot sauce mixture over the cauliflower.
8. Bake for an additional 5 minutes.
9. Enjoy!