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This really resonates with me at this season in my life. I use to share my opinions/feedback and expect people to understand and covert to my way of thinking.

I am thankful that people were patient with me, and allowed me to discover that I’m allowed to have my beliefs…but they are mine, not theirs.

Being open-minded, listening and making your own educated decision on how you want to process the advise/beliefs is the best you can do.

#stayinspired and keep learning!

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At this stage in my life, this is very true. These are my boundaries – get in touch with your’s, too! #Stay Inspired!

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Many people talk a big game, but for me, it’s their actions that truly define them. Anyone can say anything, but to actually DO it takes guts and some gumption.

Cheers to this week. Inspire others by acting on what you say.

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I’m a fan of these roles! Stay Inspired!

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Thank you to all the ‘difficult’ people in my life. In younger years, I would have been frustrated and let you get the best of me. Now, I realize every encounter is necessary to learn something. You are also teachers in my life.

And what’s not to say I’m not a difficult person in other’s lives teaching them something, too… Have you been ‘Brielle-ed?” 

Stay inspired (and open-minded). #stayinspired #3QT

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In a world with so many choices, sometimes the simplest things are the best for us:

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Keep it simple & stay inspired.

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After this week’s Life Coach training, this quote really resonated with me –

“When you’re interested, you do what’s convenient; when you’re committed, you do whatever it takes.” – John Assaraf

Stay Inspired!

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One of my favorite books is The Alchemist. The main character, Santiago, goes through many trials and tribulations on his journey. One of the things he learns that resonates the most with me is:

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Try it out this week. #StayInspired. #3QT

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I think this sums it up. And don’t feel guilty patting yourself on the back every once in a while. You work hard, and deserve the kudos! Stay inspired.

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The 5 Things to Quit:

Definitely easier said than done, BUT, if you can quit these habits, your life will improve tremendously. I am guilty of each one, but try and remain aware of when I succumb to them, and consciously make it a point to stop.

Trying to please everyone? It’s never going to happen. It’s actually impossible.

Fearing change? Well, change is inevitable in life. If we fear it, we fear living.

Living in the past? There is nothing you can do about what happened. The only thing you have control over is now – the precious present moment.

Putting yourself down? You are one of a kind – there will never be another ‘you’ again. Make every moment count in your life. You were put here for a reason.

Overthinking? Stop. Keep things simple. Life is much less stressful this way.

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