My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from…

About Me Pic 1

About Me:

1981: Born in Pocheon, South Korea. In December that year, at 9 months old, I flew around the world to start a new life with my adoptive parents: Karen and John Caruso. A Korean – Italian… I was meant to have an obsessive love of food and drink, a twisted sense of humor, unbridled awesomeness, and be honest to a fault. About Me Pic 2

My stars were changed from this moment on.

1986: My life has been centered around Burger King. It was my first commercial. It was the first job I applied for and was rejected from. When I go to Puerto Rico for work, Burger King is always open late, and right by the airport. My husband and my initials happen to be B & K… and the list goes on. By the way, I love burgers…

2001: Go on probation at Rutgers University. Too many fat subs and lots of NY dance parties (Twilo and Sound Factory!) Don’t regret a moment of it, though.

2002: On Rutgers’s Dean’s list – sorted myself out

2003: Graduate Rutgers University and I no longer have outstanding parking tickets. I still don’t have my last transcript and don’t know my GPA. I can not pay my cell phone bill.

2004: Adopt a beautiful black pug, Rambo.

2008: Get married to my best friend, buy a condo in Jersey City, NJ, put extensions in my hair one last time (or so I thought). The damage is real folks! My hair still hasn’t recovered.

2011: My beautiful sister Nicole passes away. She is now my guardian angel. I need it.

2012: Launch Caliche Rum for my company, Serralles, USA

2014: Take an Around the World Trip starting in Asia. Visit Korea, my birthplace, to visit my adoption agency, HOLT, and learn what I can about my past before travelling around the world to return home. This adventure will be part of the site.

2015: Realize I love documenting things and sharing my experiences with people. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a teacher. I’m a sharer. I want to share what I’ve done and been through, and hopefully the readers can get something out of it. This is why I decided to create a site that will house all this information for friends/family.

December 1st 2015 is the birth of Three Quarters There (#3QT)

Simply put – Your life is your party. You get to create the invite list, the experiences, the décor, the soundtrack. Enjoy the process, but remember as long as you continue to strive for greatness, you are most likely Three Quarters There. That is my life message.

Celebrate your greatness everyday, and stay inspired.