Working in the wine and spirits industry has definitely taught me how to plan and enjoy events. With the holiday’s approaching, here is a quick guide for party planning.


Invites: It’s always lovely to create custom invites and send them, but in this day and age, time is of the essence, and we are all on our digital devices. Step in: Electronic invites. They take the hassle out of party planning. At a glance, you and your guest can see who’s coming, bringing what, etc.


Bites Per Person: Did you know guests only eat about 6 appetizers per hour? Dazzle your guests with a nice assortment that will tickle their palettes.

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Bottles Per Person: If you have a heavy drinking crowd, which I often do, add 2 more bottles

10 people = 3 750ml Bottles

20 people = 4 750ml Bottles

30 people = 5 750ml Bottles

40 people = 6 750ml Bottles

50 people = 7 750ml Bottles


Minutes to Chill Wine: If your fridge is full, set out a few bottles in ice buckets. By the time the guests arrive, they will be cold (Chill reserves in a cooler)

Ice: 4 cubes per glass (or 8 ounces of ice per person), etc… use those math skills!

Songs on your Playlist: 90 songs = 3 hours of uninterrupted music. Choose songs that create a vibe you want for each moment of the evening.


Plates: Guests will usually go through an average of 3 plates in an evening (think for the crab cake, the dip, the cake…)

 Hope these party tips help and enjoy the holiday festivities! #stayinspired