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Built on 43 hills, covering 49 square miles and surrounded by water on three sides, San Francisco packs an incredible number of sights into a small and compact area. The ‘City by the Bay’ is a vibrant place to see. I have visited a few times for work and pleasure, but this last trip was with my best friend, Linda Gomes, and it was truly memorable. A tremendous thank you to Michael Stedman, Trish Mannion, Kathy Mannion, Yao-Hsuan Huang and Barclay Webster for helping cultivate this list over the past few years. 


General Info:


San Francisco Dining:

img_6493 img_5753




img_5741 img_6404 img_6410 img_6411

img_6481 img_6491

Napa Dining:

img_5708 img_6556



I love wine. It’s no secret. It’s my kryptonite and I fully disclose that. It’s been the source of my greatest and worst moments and I cannot quit it… although my cardiologist has other views. Wine has an amazing way of pleasing all your senses. It breaks the ice between people, it makes the nerves and muscles relax, your eyes brighten and see things in a new light, tongues loosen, friendships are made/deepened and the whole world is so damn happy.


Visiting wine county is such a pleasure. Here’s a cheat sheet map from the Legendary Napa Valley Site: can i order prednisone online

As for my personal favorites, here goes:

img_6444 img_6435





img_6557 img_5706

Must See / Excursions:






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Working in the wine and spirits industry has definitely taught me how to plan and enjoy events. With the holiday’s approaching, here is a quick guide for party planning.


Invites: It’s always lovely to create custom invites and send them, but in this day and age, time is of the essence, and we are all on our digital devices. Step in: Electronic invites. They take the hassle out of party planning. At a glance, you and your guest can see who’s coming, bringing what, etc.


Bites Per Person: Did you know guests only eat about 6 appetizers per hour? Dazzle your guests with a nice assortment that will tickle their palettes.

Chef Name: Food Network Kitchen Full Recipe Name: Spanish Tortilla Talent Recipe: FNK Recipe: Food Network Kitchen’s Spanish Tortilla, as seen on Food Project:, SUMMER/APPETIZERS/PASTA Show Name: 30 Minute Meals Food Network / Cooking Channel: Food Networkimg_2842

Bottles Per Person: If you have a heavy drinking crowd, which I often do, add 2 more bottles

10 people = 3 750ml Bottles

20 people = 4 750ml Bottles

30 people = 5 750ml Bottles

40 people = 6 750ml Bottles

50 people = 7 750ml Bottles


Minutes to Chill Wine: If your fridge is full, set out a few bottles in ice buckets. By the time the guests arrive, they will be cold (Chill reserves in a cooler)

Ice: 4 cubes per glass (or 8 ounces of ice per person), etc… use those math skills!

Songs on your Playlist: 90 songs = 3 hours of uninterrupted music. Choose songs that create a vibe you want for each moment of the evening.


Plates: Guests will usually go through an average of 3 plates in an evening (think for the crab cake, the dip, the cake…)

 Hope these party tips help and enjoy the holiday festivities! #stayinspired

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As a Jersey City, NJ resident, many friends ask me about places to go. After doing some research, I found an amazing site, Jersey City Upfront, that already posted on this! Here’s their list! Edward Bechold, this one is for you!

#stayinspired and enjoy!

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