I am always researching ways to live out my best life. I haven’t presented this idea for my last days to mom and dad, but I am gathering all options to share eventually.

I found a nursing home for dogs in Japan. I have never been, but my parents loved their journey there. I have a feeling I would enjoy it – Kobe Beef? Cherry Blossoms? Sake? Such a beautiful culture! I should get my mom to write about her Japan trip…ok, let’s re-focus on this post!

Here is the article from TIME magazine: http://time.com/2881761/a-nursing-home-for-dogs-is-opening-in-japan/


Check out this daily schedule:

  1. 8am: Breakfast
  2. 8:30am: Walking exercise
  3. 9am: Rehabilitation massage
  4. 9:15am: Relax
  5. Noon: Massage again
  6. 12:15pm: Relax again
  7. 1pm: Spend time with parents, any medication exams
  8. 5pm: Massage again 🙂
  9. 5:15pm: Additional relaxing
  10. 5:30pm: Dinner
  11. 6:30pm: Bedtime

I could be very happy ending my life at this nursing home. Here is the link for Aeon Pet: http://www.aeonpet.com