I am still a work in progress on this. I want to find a healthy balance of helping others and keeping myself sane.

no 1 I’ve discovered through much trial and error that learning to say ‘No’ is the single most effective way to increase focus and productivity (something I love!). How is this? Well, saying no:

  1. Reduces low leverage activities – the ones that consumer resources and drive results slowly.
  2. You will invest your time in high leverage activities which gets results faster.
  3. Saying no to things that don’t matter for self/community/world will give us time to say yes to things we care about/will make a difference.
  4. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t have to be an actual ‘no’. It could be a ‘not now’ or ‘no, but instead…’

no button

These are small steps that will make a big difference, free up your time and give you an empowering feeling that you are managing your time most efficiently.