I have literally tried everything to cure jeg lag: ambien, power naps, prayer, anything with caffeine — all to no avail.


I have sporadic sleep habits to begin with. Add in travel/time zones and I’m all screwed up.

So what has helped me? Drum roll…meditation! It’s extremely difficult to get into if you are an A-Type, constantly on-the-go, instant gratification type of person, BUT I swear by it. Not only does it help with jet lag but benefits you by simply lowering your stress levels and quieting that ever so busy mind.


The dread of starting meditation is similar to how I feel before working out. ‘Do I have to do this?’ ‘How long will it take?’ ‘I have so much to do.’ Even with all those pesky thoughts, I do know deep down inside I always feel better afterwards. My head hangs without stress, and my thoughts are no longer scattered but silent! I also feel like I drift in and out of consciousness which is pretty amazing. It’s like plugging into a new frequency.


I go to www.youtube.com and listen to meditations. In the morning, I usually dedicate 10-15 minutes and if needed (mainly for jet lag) I will go to bed with my earphones and a 1 hour meditation session.

The beauty of meditation is that it’s scientifically proven to boost your immune system, increase productivity and release stress. It all makes sense from a holistic standpoint: if you meditate regularly, you start to feel like you naturally have more energy day-to-day because you’re allowing your body to let go of the stress it carries around.

It does take practice but once you get the hang of it, it’s truly addictive. Cheers to a natural approach that is a win/win spiritually, physically and mentally. And it’s free to do!