Motivational Monday w/o August 1st: Beliefs

This really resonates with me at this season in my life. I use to share my opinions/feedback and expect people to understand and covert to my way of thinking.

I am thankful that people were patient with me, and allowed me to discover that I’m allowed to have my beliefs…but they are mine, not theirs.

Being open-minded, listening and making your own educated decision on how you want to process the advise/beliefs is the best you can do.

#stayinspired and keep learning!


The Natural Way to Cure Jet Lag

I have literally tried everything to cure jeg lag: ambien, power naps, prayer, anything with caffeine — all to no avail.


I have sporadic sleep habits to begin with. Add in travel/time zones and I’m all screwed up.

So what has helped me? Drum roll…meditation! It’s extremely difficult to get into if you are an A-Type, constantly on-the-go, instant gratification type of person, BUT I swear by it. Not only does it help with jet lag but benefits you by simply lowering your stress levels and quieting that ever so busy mind.


The dread of starting meditation is similar to how I feel before working out. ‘Do I have to do this?’ ‘How long will it take?’ ‘I have so much to do.’ Even with all those pesky thoughts, I do know deep down inside I always feel better afterwards. My head hangs without stress, and my thoughts are no longer scattered but silent! I also feel like I drift in and out of consciousness which is pretty amazing. It’s like plugging into a new frequency.


I go to and listen to meditations. In the morning, I usually dedicate 10-15 minutes and if needed (mainly for jet lag) I will go to bed with my earphones and a 1 hour meditation session.

The beauty of meditation is that it’s scientifically proven to boost your immune system, increase productivity and release stress. It all makes sense from a holistic standpoint: if you meditate regularly, you start to feel like you naturally have more energy day-to-day because you’re allowing your body to let go of the stress it carries around.

It does take practice but once you get the hang of it, it’s truly addictive. Cheers to a natural approach that is a win/win spiritually, physically and mentally. And it’s free to do!


Motivational Monday w/o July 25th: If It Doesn’t…

At this stage in my life, this is very true. These are my boundaries – get in touch with your’s, too! #Stay Inspired!


Fight Hate with Love – Love Make the World Go Round

The recent tragedies in the world have broken my heart. I realize topics are sensitive & must allow for diverse opinions, but there should be no distinction on the value of #life.

So taking the quote of ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world, I am starting a #RevolutionOfLove. If we come together, and unite as one, we are truly #unstoppable.

As @Jlo & @Lin-Manuel express in their latest single, @LoveMaketheWorldGoRound, I created a video featuring the beautiful, diverse, brilliant people / canine friends in my life to show that #WeAreOne, #united, by #love.

 Answer hate with love! Please share this with the people you love!


BLC Revolution

Motivational Monday w/o July 18th

Many people talk a big game, but for me, it’s their actions that truly define them. Anyone can say anything, but to actually DO it takes guts and some gumption.

Cheers to this week. Inspire others by acting on what you say.

Abstract background of Blue christmas lights out of focus

Remedies For Those Pesky Bug Bites

Since I was a child, mosquitos have wreaked havoc on my life. It was a contest every summer – how many bug bites could I endure? The scars on my legs are literally the bug-bite story of my life. I’ve been told, “Bugs like you because you talk so much. They are attracted to carbon dioxide.” Whether this is true or not, I haven’t shut up.


Let’s be honest, insect bites really kill the mood. And now with Zika, everyone is extra fearful and cautious of these little monsters.

Sure, traditional repellants can help, but they don’t guarantee around-the-clock protection. So the next time you stumble upon a bug bite, don’t be so quick to make a beeline for the closest pharmacy. In general, I am trying to be more holistic in my approach to healing and medicine. I have discovered some amazing alternatives to soothe your pain first. Experts say they might be just as effective as any over-the-counter medicine. Can’t hurt to try.

Essential Oils

Tea tree, lavender, and coconut oils all have properties that can alleviate itching, pain, and swelling. Tea tree oil is also antibacterial, which can help prevent infection from incessant scratching.


Scents With the Power to Heal

Honey: If you don’t mind a bit of stickiness, honey is an anti-inflammatory and can alleviate itching.

Milk and Water: Mix equal parts skim milk and water, dip a thin cloth (like handkerchief or an old T-shirt) into the concoction, and dab your skin.

Lemon or Lime Juice: These fruit powerhouses provide itch relief and are antibacterial. DO NOT use if you have burns/sunburn. The acidity will hurt your skin.

Toothpaste: Because of the mint or peppermint flavor, and the menthol ingredient, it creates a cooling sensation on your skin. Your brain picks up on this feeling much quicker than the itching sensation. This is one of my favorites.

Basil: Basil leaves contain chemicals such as camphor, which creates a cool feeling, similar to menthol in toothpaste. Crush a few leaves and apply the bits directly to your bumps.

Ice: A single ice cube can constrict the blood vessels and decrease the body’s natural histamine release.

Tea Bags: Cool tea bags draw fluid out of a bite to reduce itching and swelling. Can I get an AMEN?

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is a great home remedy to block itching because of its small acidic levels. Dab it onto individual spots or, if your body’s been a buffet for bugs like me, you can add two to three cups to warm water and soak in a tub.

Happy Healing!

Motivational Monday w/o July 11th: Roles

I’m a fan of these roles! Stay Inspired!

MM July 11

Cannes, France

This 7.6 square mile beachside town on the French Riviera is truly magnificent. Most people associate it with the glamorous Cannes Film Festival, but there is so much more to this city than yachts, decadence and glitterati.

The beauty of Cannes, when you think of it, is that it’s a small town that welcomes the world. Yes, there are ridiculous, opulent options but there is also a quaint, humble side.

One of my trips there was for the Cannes Film Festival and it was truly an unforgettable experience. I have never had a bad time!

Cannes IXbc dancing copyIMG_0032lots of booze

*The Belvedere IX launch – oh those memories. And seeing one of my favorite punk rock artists, Blondie*

To Stay:

– InterContinental Carlton Cannes: Within walking distance from everything and overlooking the Bay of Cannes.

– Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc: Truly a luxury landmark hotel – one of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

Hotel Du Cap

– Hotel Splendid Cannes: It’s practically acorss the street from the Palais des Festivals et des Congres. It’s also a few minutes from the beach.

– Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso Cannes: Stunning rooftop view of the Old Port.



– Tetou: Although $$$, the bouillabaisse is outstanding.

– Le Baoli: Asian fusion and best for late night food.

– L’Ondine Plage: Locally sourced grilled fish.


– La Table du Chef: Different menu everyday so you never know what you’re going to get. Chef gets the ingredients from the market that day.

– Astoux ed Brun: Not fancy but the seafood is so fresh.




– Gotha Nightclub: Big bottles of champagne, girls dancing around them, great DJs, and glitter everywhere. It’s pretty fabulous.

the lions

– Le Baoli: A staple.

cANNES Party

To Do:

– Visit Le Suquet (Old Town): This represents the old fishing village. With it’s old world charm, there is a watchtower, gourmet boutiques, shopping, and quaint old streets.

– The Marche Forville market: Local produce, cheese, wine and flowers all by local folks. This is the heart of the city.

– Cave Riviera: Amazing wine shop. Think wine, salami and cheese as you shop.

– Boulevard de la Croisette: One of the most fashionable streets on the French Riviera. The boulevard extends from the new Palais des Festivals along the rade de Cannes with its sandy beach.

– If you can swing it, attend the Festival de Cannes (Film Festival) in May. If you can’t, settle for a visit to The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. It’s the venue of the Festival. It’s used for events, conferences and festivals year round. There is also an on-site restaurant..

– The Beaches: there are public and private. The Meditteranean waters are ideal for sunbathing!