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My 2016 travel season has begun so many of my posts will now be centered around travel tips and destinations (past and current).

I love travel. I live for the long flights, meeting new people, immersing myself in new cultures and shoveling as much food as possible into my mouth.

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I can do it alone (Buenos Aires), with my husband, Keith (Around the World Trip), with my best friend, Linda (Eat Pray Love Trip), or a group of friends – you know who you are (Miami, NOLA, LA…). The truth is, for me, travel represents risk and that’s living! If you’re not a little scared or uncomfortable, then you’re not living life. I fear missing opportunities by merely existing in my comfort zone.

Because of this mentality, I forced myself to travel anyplace I could get to in my early 20’s and the bug hasn’t stopped. If anything, the urge has gotten stronger. I find it my best educator and one worth the investment.

So to kick off these weekly 2016 summer posts on travel, I am going to start with some of my favorite ‘tips.’

Enjoy, stay inspired, and remember, we are always ¾ There….

Tips For How To Look Good After A Flight

I am an ugly flyer. For me, its more about comfort at this point and not looking like too much of a train wreck when I land. I know I will never look like a million bucks when I walk off a plane, but there are some very good tips to keep it together.

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It’s a universal fact that flying wreaks havoc on your appearance. Can we say under-eye bags, wrinkled clothes, dry, lifeless skin, and don’t get me started on the hair.

Before the Flight:

During the Flight:

Almost Time to Land:

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buy prednisone online cheap

I think this sums it up. And don’t feel guilty patting yourself on the back every once in a while. You work hard, and deserve the kudos! Stay inspired.

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The 5 Things to Quit:

Definitely easier said than done, BUT, if you can quit these habits, your life will improve tremendously. I am guilty of each one, but try and remain aware of when I succumb to them, and consciously make it a point to stop.

Trying to please everyone? It’s never going to happen. It’s actually impossible.

Fearing change? Well, change is inevitable in life. If we fear it, we fear living.

Living in the past? There is nothing you can do about what happened. The only thing you have control over is now – the precious present moment.

Putting yourself down? You are one of a kind – there will never be another ‘you’ again. Make every moment count in your life. You were put here for a reason.

Overthinking? Stop. Keep things simple. Life is much less stressful this way.

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Everyone in your life is a teacher. They come into your life for a purpose – to guide / challenge / inspire.

I have met some extraordinary people and they have helped shape my story. Whether I knew them for a second or for years, they have all impacted me in some way… and I will never be the same because of it.

Stay Inspired.

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Motivational Monday: I continue to struggle with my love of food/consumption and staying fit. I have definitely improved, but like my profile pic, I still have work to do in that department. For me, happiness is a wonderful meal with wine/champagne and great company. For that reason I will probably never have a six pack, but then again, I never did 🙂 Cheers to this Motivational Monday meme. Keep a big heart, be happy and stay inspired! #3QT

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This has been a tremendous year and it’s only May! Never a dull moment: When one story ends, another begins! This quote has a lot of special meaning for me – Stay Inspired.

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