How do you write about a city like New Orleans ? I’m going to try…

I was introduced 5 years ago when I started working for my current company, Serralles, USA. My boss, John Eason, invited Keith (my husband) and I down for Tales of the Cocktail (aka: the Superbowl of the Spirits Industry – God save your liver if you go). The moment we landed, I fell in love.

There are so many cultures within this city. Today, the heritage is reflected in the great diversity of things to do, see, eat (the food is heavnely), and of course…the drinks. The people are warm…and sassy. New Orleans is a lively place and I’ve been fortunate to visit it many times.

Keith and my first time:

first time Brielle fIrsttimeKeith

Halloween with the Rutgers Crew 

Halloween 1 Halloween 2

My friend, Mel’s, Bachelorette Party – Pimp Necklace and red wine…oh what a night…and Willie Mae’s fried chicken the next day!

PimpandWine Willies Girls

Oh ! I’m going next week for our company meeting and holiday party. I have been working out like a crazy person to prepare for the food frenzy – expect updates to this post.

Before I go into my classic Brielle-style list, I want to thank two couples that shared their experiences and best-of’s with me every time I visited this fantastic city: John and Suzy Eason & John and Cillen Meisler. Both couples have been the ultimate authorities on where to go / what to do and I have had the time of my life because of them (and so have my friends). I have literally partied PAST the plane in this city…and it was so worth it.

Enjoy the New Orleans list !




purple drink

Live Music:



  • *Willie Mae’s Scotch House* (Mid-City) : BEST fried chicken – need a cab to get there and go early!


Commanders Palace

  • Arnaud’s Jazz Brunch (Upper French Quarter) : Friday brunch is the way to go. Like a mardi gras museum. Famous shrimp remoulade.
  • Mr. B’s (Upper French Quarter) – the fried oysters are to die for and they have a helluva gumbo


  • Huck Finn’s (Upper French Quarter) – fried alligator (it’s all about the protein !)
  • French Market  – alligator on a stick
  • Johnny’s Po Boy (Upper French Quarter) – yummy variations of Po’Boys !



  • Muriel’s (Lower French Quarter) – Looks lavish but the food is great and it is a haunted house
  • Camellia Grill (Garden District) –  Take a street car there. BEST breakfast hangover omelets EVER. Counter service with all the guys dancing behind it. So South…so awesome.
  • Mother’s (Warehouse District)  – the ultimate Po’Boy. It’s like a cafeteria but I swear by the ‘debris’. Meat! And the Bloody Mary’s are awesome.
  • Pascal’s Manale (Garden District) –  birthplace of NOLA legendary BBQ shrimp
  • Jaques Imos (Uptown) – It’s such a chill vibe and totally off the beaten path. Both are going to sound gross but might be one of the best and most memorable meals: Deep Fried Roast Beef Po’Boy (French Dip under Pickles) and Shrimp and Alligator Cheesecake
  • Joey K’s (Garden District) –  Creole pot cooking
  • Dragos (Upper French Quarter) – Fried Oysters and Gumbo
  • Cafe Amelie (Lower French Quarter) – Nestled in the historic 150-year-old Princess of Monaco Courtyard and Carriage House on Royal Street in the French Quarter – very very romantic.
  • *Rib Room* Bar menu @ Omni Hotel – I can’t remember the actual name of the appetizer but it consists of potato skins topped with gruyere cheese and roast beef debris. They also have splits of Chandon (or order a classic martini) to accompany it. No joke, this is my ritual when I arrive to New Orleans – I go by myself and have a food-love moment.

Rib Room


  • Natchez Riverboat with Lunch (the fried chicken is delicious. I asked for seconds and they stopped me)
  • French Market
  • St. Charles Street Car
  • Antiques and jewels on Royal Street
  • Jackson Square (great street performers)
  • Harrah’s Casino
  • Airboat Swamp Tours and Plantations: 
  • Oak Alley Plantation – ask your hotel concierge how to set up transport
  • St. Roch Market – one of the oldest open-air markets in the region. Enclosed and with vendors specializing in everything from local produce to Korean-Creole fusion. 
  • Cajun Encounter Tours : Visit plantations, French Quarter, Garden District, Cemetaries and Swamps

nola cocktail run


  • The Remedy Room – It’s the place to replenish all your fluids and vitamins through infusion therapy. I make it a point to go before I leave the city so I can return my body to normalcy.
  • A muzzle: Looking at this list, I have truly enjoyed myself in this city. This is why I cannot lose those extra pounds! Oh well.